What Is The Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp About

What Is The Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp About
The Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review

What is the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp about and can we earn a passive income by following the training? Is it possible to earn 4k + each month with the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Course or can we fall on our faces with nothing to show? All answers are revealed below my friends In this review. 


CickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

Name: 100-Day Affiliate Bootcamp.What Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

Website: affiliatebootcamp.com.

Cost: 100% Free (Click Here to Join).

Creator: Russell Brunson.

Training Rating: 8 out of 10

Who is it For?: Newbies to Experts.

My Score: 8 out of 10


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What Is The Idea Behind Russel's Bootcamp?


Put simply, Mr. Brunson has set you a 100-day challenge – where you give away at least 1 free ClickFunnels (CF) trial per day for the next 100 days, which can lead to a $4K monthly income in affiliate commissions.

And the best part about his challenge is that he gives you heaps of free (no strings attached) step-by-step video training for helping you reach that awesome income level.

On top of those 4-figures per month, Russell will buy you your dream car as a bonus to say “Thanks” for bringing in 100 paid ‘CF’ program users.

Trust me, the guy’s not pulling your leg!

Watch the quick video presentation below to see for yourself:


Not bad, Hah?


How Does The '100-Day BootCamp Work?


Once you join the free Bootcamp, there are 5 basic steps to do before starting your training.


  1. Watch The Welcome Video
  2. Join The Community
  3. Setup Your Affiliate Account
  4. Get Your Affiliate Links to Products
  5. Track Your Affiliate Sales


They are all pretty easy to follow steps that also come with quick video tutorials.

When it comes to the meat on the bone, there are 66 training videos that cover topics like choosing your desired customers to build sales funnel and creating paid Facebook campaigns to email marketing to split testing, and much more.

The videos are divided into 14 sections to make the training easy to follow:


  1. Lay Your Foundation (Day 1- 5)
  2. Your First Funnel (Day 6 – 10)
  3. Improving Your Funnel (Day 11 -15)
  4. Your First Back-End Funnel (Day 16 – 20)
  5. 2X Your Growth (Day 21 – 25)
  6. Expanding Your Traffic (Day 26 – 30)
  7. Hastening The Process (Day 31 – 35)
  8. FunnelScripts Traffic (Day 36 – 40)
  9. 108 Split Tests (Day 41 – 45)
  10. Traffic For 108 Split Tests (Day 46 – 50)
  11. Funnel University (Day 51 – 55)
  12. Evolving Your Traffic (Day 56 – 60)
  13. 14 Day Free Trial (Day 61 – 65)
  14. Using The 10 Day Formula (Day 66+)


Basically, all the training you get covers different strategies for building a successful online business as an affiliate to earn passive income streams online.

All Russell requires is that you spend at least 1-hour of your time following his Blueprint for giving away just 1 ‘CF’ 14-day free trial every 24 hours.

What I especially like about the training is that the majority of it is really thorough, so you really get to learn the ins and outs of all the building blocks you need to make money.


Your $ Earnings (Ka-Ching) + Free Car


When you work towards your goals, there’s no limit to the size of your commission checks from promoting Russell’s Click Funnels Software.How To Get A Extra Monthly Income

... And because your commissions are a monthly occurrence, this means your income will increase month-in-month-out, the more free trials you hand out to folks.

You get paid 40% commissions from each person who upgrades to one of the two following plans:

  • Starter Plan Recurring Earnings = $38.80/month
  • Enterprise Plan Recurring Earnings = $118/month

So when you calculate 100 x $38.80, you’re talking a nice fat $3,880 paycheck from Russell every month.

Add a bunch of $118 commissions into the mix and it’s really gonna spice up your income!


Pick Your Dream Car Bonus

Once you reach 100 Click Funnel’ Sales, Russel will pay you an extra $500 bucks per month to cover the cost of your Dream Car Loan Repayments.

Find My Dream Car

But when you reach 200 sales, he really sweetens the deal by giving you a cool $1,000 per month for your car costs!

Simply buy a brand spanking new car on finance (from the list of cars on the Ts & Cs page), send Russell the proof, and he’s got you covered.

I dunno about you, but I’d LOVE an Aston Martin! The name’s “Bond, James Bond”.


This is the sweetest deal around and I'm still working hard to achieve my 200th sale. What would your "Dream Car" be that will stand out from the crowd?


Try The 14-day Trial (It's Totally Free)


Russel offers a 14-day free trial if you are experienced in Marketing ways and you don't want to do the 100-day BootCamp. Start earning your monthly pay cheques sooner and be driving your Dream Car a lot quicker.


Is The Support Up To Scratch?


You bet your sweet Roses it is!

When it comes to help and support, there are a couple of great options available:

Firstly, you can contact the ‘CF’ support team or Myles Alfred Clifford (the affiliate manager)  if you have any issues.

Secondly, there’s a private Facebook group called ‘ClickFunnels Avengers’.


Great Online Support


Now, what’s so amazing about the FB group is that it’s continuously active around the clock.

If you have any questions on any part of the training or products, you can get help quickly from a community of 44,000+ members (at the time of writing) that consists of newbies to highly successful affiliates.

Myles is also actively involved in the Facebook group along with Dave Woodward (‘The Dream Car Contest’ affiliate manager), and even Russell chimes in too.


Pros Versus Cons Of The "Bootcamp"



  • Doesn’t cost you a single cent to join – It’s Free!
  • Free step-by-step video training.
  • A very active Facebook support group.
  • Additional email support is included.
  • Lots of high-converting products to promote for 40% commissions.
  • Commissions paid weekly via PayPal (when you meet the payment criteria)
  • Get paid an extra $500 to $1,000 per month to cover your dream car payments.
  • It’s a great starting point to Learn Affiliate Marketing.
  • Suits everybody from the Expert to Newbie.
  • The potential to become financially free in 100-days.
  • Russell Brunson is a reputable marketer you can trust


  • Some may find the training overwhelming at first – Videos may need watching more than once.
  • You will need to invest a sum of money to put into tools and traffic methods to start the ball rolling.


My Final Thoughts...


In my honest opinion, the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp delivers fantastic training and support for building a profitable web-based business.

To get that level of value with any other training platform could very easily cost you $100s (even $1,000s).Thumbs Up

So, we, as marketers, should be grateful that Russell’s training doesn’t cost an arm and leg. But then again, we are doing him a favor too, lol.

I also love the fact that the guy’s products not only sell like hot cakes, but you get paid each and every week which makes a big difference to a lot of people.

However, the only thing about this style of online marketing as an affiliate is that it’s best to have some spare cash available for some resources needed to start making money with Brunson’s training.

The Bottom Line:

If you follow the Bootcamp training, put the effort in, and stick with it for the first 3 months, I believe that $4,000+ per month is entirely within your grasp.


Before you rush off...

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Have any questions or thoughts you would like to ask me about ClickFunnels. Please leave them in the comment section below. We'd love to hear from you...


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