The How To On An SEO Keyword Research Tool For The Best Keywords


What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For Seo?


Would you like to find out what is the best Keyword Research Tool for SEO to use when finding long tail keywords to rank your website? Getting a top ranking in the search engines is becoming increasingly harder and we all need the best keyword research tool to increase our site rankings. Follow me below as we discover what is the best Keyword Research Tool to use when choosing long tail keywords for your website post and pages.


Choosing The Right Keywords Doesn't Need To Be Painful.


Choosing the right keywords for your website can be "downright tricky" and at times, a very hit and miss affair. I think you'll agree with me about waisting many hours trying to pick those magic keywords that will get your page and posts ranking with the Search Engines is very painful, right?

Getting good website traffic for our websites without all the negotiated pain that comes with this task would be most welcome and actually ranking in Google for all our hard work is where we want to be.

Like a Tradie blaming poor workmanship on his tools, SEO keyword research tools are no different. Using a just average keyword finder to save a few bucks will hurt you in the long run.

Getting the World to see our content is our bread and butter and using keywords is the only true way to get what we are saying, out there!


How To Choose The Right Keywords For Your Website


When it comes down to ranking your website in Google and getting FREE Organic Traffic, using the right keywords is vital.

But how do you search for those "Golden keywords" for your SEO efforts and get 1st-page rankings on not just Google, but Bing and Yahoo as well?

Put simply, by using a professional keyword tool, Huh.

Below I'll show you the exact process for finding the best keywords that can shoot your blog ranking skywards and get heaps of organic traffic like a Pro.


What Is A Keyword Search Tool For?

Bloggers and site owners use a Keyword Research Tool to get their websites and blog posts to the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search index pages.

People type phrases into the search boxes that interest them and a good example of this might be, what is a keyword search tool for?

You can see by the image below, this is the first stage of what keywords look like when entered in the listings.


What Is A Keyword Search Tool For

This keyword is a good one by itself and has good traffic with a low QSR (Competing Websites for the same keyword phrase)


What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For


The long-tail keyword phrase above has 2836 searches with average traffic per month of 483 visits with a page 1 spot on the Google listings. This is a good solid keyword but there are things we can do to make this keyword even better

By placing different words in your main keywords, what is a keyword search tool for you can increase your chances to rank on the search engines with keywords. This one I have done for you and the added word here was SEO.



This is very much like winning systems in the lotto, lol. Not only do you get the traffic from your original long tail key phrase, but you'll also pick up multiple traffic streams as seen above.


Good Ways Of Comming Up With Your Keywords


Thinking of search terms people come up with is a good place to start when inventing your keywords. Such phrases as, why did my dog stop eating, and why do dogs stop eating their food are 2 types of phrases would type into the search boxes.

The point is but, what folks are typing in will often be a keyword and is a real opportunity to land a page 1 ranking on Google, do you agree?


Receive Free Searches On The Keyword Tool I Use


Using The Alphabet Soup Technique


What the heck is the Alphabet Soup Technique I hear you say! No, it's not making keyword search terms out of the letters floating in our chicken soup, this method includes using the actual Google keyword listing for creating other keywords.

The alphabet soup technique is a great way to get the juices flowing to find new keyword phrases for your website posts. This all works by typing a relevant inquiry in the search box and then click on the search function. Google will then offer suggestions of what people are also asking about.

Once the new page has loaded, just go to the very last letter and left click. This will show a dropdown of Google suggestions of other relevant topics people are asking for.


How To Get Keywords For A Website


So as you can see above, I have typed a keyword phrase that appealed to me. From there, I left clicked to view the drop-down of what Google has suggested.

I got really excited about the very first key phrase that appeared and entered keywords straight into my SEO Keyword Research Tool. The results were very pleasing and definitely a "Keeper" for future posts on my other websites, lol.


How Do I Find Keywords For A Website


Google has literally MILLIONS of ideas of what people are typing into its search engines. However, the only downside to using Google suggest is that they don't give you any keyword data for keyword ranking.

It's in your best option for finding awesome keyword phrase ideas and also discovering the metrics you need for knowing which keywords to pick for getting your content to rank.


Keyword Research Analysis Tools

The Different Ranking Elements For Keywords


To have success with search engine ranking, you'll need to know such statistics as average hits from keyword per month, the amount of traffic each month, levels of competition, and also the SEO quality of the keywords which I'll show you in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

In my experience, when you take advantage of a proper SEO keyword research tool (displaying the correct data) - it's the easiest and quickest way of getting the job done properly.


What's The Importance Of Finding Amazing Keywords?


Feeling On Top Of The World


The obvious answer is to get awesome website "rankings", right?

But the most important thing is what your new rankings are gonna lead to in the long-term.

This one is sought of a no-brainer.

Rankings = Traffic = Sales = Income = Success = Feeling On Top Of The World!

You might write an absolute masterpiece of 1.000s of words, but without the proper keywords in your article, the chances are your efforts won't get ranked in the search engines and you'll miss out on free organic traffic and potential commissions.

And this applies to every bit of content you publish on the Internet through your website.

By using a professional keyword tool, your aim is to turn your blog into a skyscraper by consistently publish content around keywords that are gonna lead to multiple rankings in the search engines and lead to heaps of organic visitors as a result.

Did you know some bloggers get 20,000+ website hits on a DAILY basis!

Can you imagine the kind of Income you can produce with that amount of traffic?

Totally mind-blowing, isn't it?

So in a nutshell, keywords + high-quality content play the leading role in the success of your online business. Period.


How To Do Keyword Research In Easy Steps


First things first, I recommend that you grab your free keyword finder starter account here so you can follow along with me.

In my experience with SEO keyword research tools, I've found the Jaaxy Platform to be the pick of the bunch because it is super quick and extremely accurate with the traffic stats. Jaaxy is also a ripper because it was built especially for "affiliate marketers' - making it incredibly user-friendly.

Plus the Jaaxy keyword tool gives you 30 free searches which is another good to try the platform out.

Ok! Let's fire this baby up and see what she can do, shall we?


Entering A keyword Phrase Into Jaaxy

To commence your journey of discovery to find those golden nugget keyword opportunities, place a relevant keyword into the search bar and hit search.

For example, I've typed in "SEO keyword tool"


The Best Keyword Tool For SEO


Right of the cuff, I have a bunch of ideas to work with. These are just 6 of the 20 keywords that were generated for my search term above.

The various numbers you can see all have a meaning which can be seen below...

Avg = The average number of searches the keyword gets each month

Traffic = the expected amount of monthly traffic your post will get if you hit the first page of Google.

QSR (Quoted Search Results) = a powerful metric for gauging how many competing websites are using the same keyword.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) = an accurate overview of whether the keyword you're targeting is good or bad. Green is good whilst Red is poor.

SEO = an SEO ranking score that indicates whether your search term is good from a Search Engine Optimization point of view. (Any rating above 80 is ok)


How To Choose The Right Keywords

Now, before you go off and choose any random keyword term willy-nilly for your next blog post, it's important that you find your Golden-Nugget one to roll with to get your content ranked.

It's also extremely important to make sure your new keyword makes perfect grammatical sense.

By doing this, you can place your chosen keywords throughout your content within the sentence structure that adds up to a very powerful ranking factor.

Firstly, look at the QSR because you want the least amount of competing website competition as possible. QSR is the most critical element.

So choose a number under 100 (ideally as near to 0 is best)

Secondly, you'll need a keyword that generates some traffic.

Ideally, you want the AVG to be over 30 visits per month to make it worthwhile. The QSR must be under 100 and a SEO Score above 80.

Finally, the KQI needs to read "Great", and the SEO score needs to be close to 100 as possible. From 80 and upwards is perfectly fine.

Here's a gem of a keyword phrase I found using Jaaxy, and in fact, is the keywords I have used for the post you are reading right now.

The How To On An SEO Keyword Research Tool

As you can notice in the Jaaxy tool above, my keyword fits all the requirements of becoming a "super keyword". Not only this, but I'm also ranking for the keywords, how to on an SEO keyword research tool, and right up to, SEO keyword research tool.

How cool is that, lol?


Playing The Keyword Game To Win!


I've personally found that using long tail keywords such as my website title above allows an incredible opportunity to rank for more than just one keyword term.

The link above leads to a blog post written by Kyle (co-founder of the Jaaxy keyword tool) and will give you awesome tips with your search for awesome keywords to rank your blog posts.

Just below I have also included a review style YouTube Vid on how to use the Jaaxy Platform.



Some Very Handy Tips From Me To You...

Premium Members at Wealthy Affiliate get to use the amazing Jaaxy Keyword Tool for free. This would normally cost $19 a monthThumbs Up Rating

for non-members. There is also a free membership area where you have exclusive access to a platform keyword tool you can use for zilch that works similar to Jaaxy for 7-days.

How good is that?

... And you don't even need any credit card details to join.

On top of all this, if it couldn't get any better, the Free Membership also offers you 2 free WordPress Websites and full training on how to set them up.


Let's Wrap Things Up...


When it comes down to it, finding amazing keywords to build a very successful business on the web isn't exactly rocket science, as some SEO experts make it sound.

Yes, there is an art to keyword research, but follow what I've talked about above and I know you'll do fine. It's an art form that seasoned marketers and newbies alike can practice and master in my book.

Once you lay your hands on a super-cool keyword tool that does the job quickly and effectively, learn the easy process of understanding the criteria of how it all works - then 1st-page Google rankings and success can be yours for the taking.

One last thing (if you haven't done so already)...


==> Grab Your 30 Free Searches With Jaaxy!


I would like to thank you for visiting, The How-To On An SEO Keyword Research Tool For The Best Keywords. Wishing you a very successful and fruitful business.

Your friend, Jeff 😃


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