The Best Free Website Builders For Beginners


The Best Website Builders For Beginners

What Is The Best Free Website Builders For Beginners?


What is the best free Website Builders for Beginners to start on without blowing your budget and sanity? Free website builders for beginners must come with training and the how-to with setting your new site up. Most online website creators often charge like wounded bulls for you just to build one!


New Update For Website Speed: Google has just recently released it's latest update, the Google Broad Core Algorithm update for the 3rd of June 2019. Google core updates always have me feeling a little edgy with their algorithm changes, and this one is a biggy.

How about you?

We've all been waiting for this core update with bated breath and Google has finally come out and said, "This new algorithm will look at your website loading speed."  This core update can mean 2 different things for you and if your website is loading slower than 90/100 for mobile & desktop, your site rankings & traffic can be dramatically affected.

But don't worry, we have you covered here...

For every new website built with SiteRubix, you will get excluse FREE access to the Krakin Image Resizer which Google will love and can get you website page loading speeds of 95 +/100 for mobile and 99+ for desktop, respectivally.


Free Is Supposed To Be FREE!


I don't know about you, but isn't free supposed to mean completely FREE!?

Join me as I review the amazing SiteRubix Platform where "free" actually means, free.


SiteRubix Review 2019 - The Best Website Builder For Beginners Ever:


As a SiteRubix user myself, I'm gonna walk you through a review of this feature-rich website builder to show you just how powerful it is for creating a successful online business in 2019 & onwards.

Sound good to you, huh?

Then continue reading...


Quick Overview:

Name: SiteRubix.


Price: $0 (Click Here For Your Free Website).

Owners: Kyle & Carson.

Website Builder: 10/10

Free WordPress Hosting: 10/10

Training: 9.5/10

Features: 10/10

Support: 10/10

My Overall Score: 9.5/10


Now let's pop the hood to see how this beast of a website builder really works for helping you to get an online business airborne and profitable, shall we?...


SiteRubix, The Worlds Most Advanced Website Builder


Kyle & Carson (co-founders of the Wealthy Affiliate Comunity) have created a super fast, efficient, simplistic, and advanced website builder for beginners and experts called SiteRubix (SR), which in my opinion, rivals every other builder in the Industry.

The "SR' platform quickly builds you up to two WordPress websites with over 4000 free template themes to choose from!


WordPress Website Templates For Free


And when I say quick, you're able to build a site in just 30 seconds!

It all seems mind-blowingly crazy, right?

But believe me, it's true because I've done it myself with the very website you are on now!


SiteRubix Is A Website Building Dream Come True


'SR' has been designed simply to help anyone that wants to build their own website and whether you are a total internet marketing newbie or already a marketer with zero "tech coding skills", all the complicated stough is done for you.

SiteRubix is also a pal if you want to build a showcase website, business site, or hobby sites.

You simply click your mouse button a few times and your site is built.

It's a piece of cake, I tell ya!

Think of 'SR' as your magic wand.

Can you say Abracadabra?😉

This website builder for beginners suits anyone that wants to turn their passions, hobbies, or interests into a thriving online business.

Even if your a seasoned marketer with an online Biz in place or a traditional Business owner looking for inexpensive ways to boost sales, customers, and profits - SiteRubix will definitely suit you down to the ground.


Why 'SR' Is The Best Website Builders In The World


SiteRubix boats numerous awesome features, training, tools & support - that no other WordPress website builder or in fact, any other competing within the same market place - Period.

And here's why...


Free Starter Member - Getting A Foot In The Door


Firstly, you have the options to build 2 free websites on its sub-domain, for example:

Once you build your first website, you will automatically be a free WA member which gives you access to the following benefits...

SiteManager: This feature allows you to look at your site's stats and this is where you can log in automatically with a couple of clicks.

SiteBuilder: Allows you 2 create a 2nd free website if desired.

SiteContent: A professional WA in-house writing tool that spellchecks your content, has over 1 Million free images to use, and a publishing feature to post straight to your website.

SiteDomains: WA's very own domain name area for finding competitively priced domains to purchase.

If this wasn't enough to satisfy your soul, you also get 2 WordPress plugins installed on your website - one for optimizing your site for SEO (website ranking) and another for compressing images to enable the site to run faster.

All training is provided in the form of 10 training videos which provides a good foundation for setting up your website.

The free training includes:

  • Learning how to set your new website up.
  • How to get your site ranked with Google.
  • Setting up your SEO Plugin for search engines.
  • Arranging content within your website.
  • Full explanation of how to arrange your navigation within the site.


Go ahead and start building your beginner friendly website below...


Just enter a groovy website name in the Sitebuilder above to see if it's available to start building your free site.



Premium Member - Taking Your Biz To The Top


SiteRubix Dashboard

As a premium member of WA, you get access to the more advanced tools that gonna enable you to build a skyscraper...

For starters, you can choose to build your free website on your own domain name or one purchased from WA, for example:

Please Note: If you buy a domain from WA, your new domain name will be automatically set up and connected to your site.

How good is that?

There are many benefits to having your own brandable domain - standing out from the crowd and getting better rankings in Google & Bing just to name a few.

Not to mention if you want to sell your website down the road, it's not uncommon to fetch prices 10,000 and above for completed sites.

With the Premium membership, you can also build up to 50 websites and have access to over 40,000+ WordPress plugins for adding heaps more features & functionality to your sites.



In addition to all the features you receive with your free starter membership, your websites will also include:


WordPress Website Functions


SiteSpeed - Makes your website load super fast with WA's state-of-the-art web hosting. Having a super-fast website will improve your rankings with Google.

But if you wanna crank things up to incredible lightning speed loading times with extra power and Google's approval with more ranking juice, then WA also offers an "Extreme" option!

SiteSSL - Using "HTTPS" instead of "HTTP" tells both your visitors and Google that your sites are safe to visit. As major search engines like you using the "HTTPS", this can have a positive impact on your rankings.

SiteProtect - Protects your site being innodated with spammy comments and harmful bots. It's also good for the overall health and functionality of your website.


SiteRubix BenefitsSiteContent - As well as the unique writing feature, you have access to WA's database of over 1,000,000 to use with your blog content. PLUS the images are automatically compressed - helping to keep your WordPress website running super quick.

SiteComments - Website comment exchange system that allows WA members to leave comments for other peoples sites in exchange for return comments.

As form late last year, you can now get paid for leaving comments and it's a great way to get your membership for free!

SiteFeedback - Share your website details for expert site builders to give you pointers on how you are traveling. You can ask members 24/7.

SiteSupport - The 24/7 Support Team is nothing short of awesome because you can always expect help within minutes. If something goes wrong on your website - you shoot a message to the technical staff and the issue gets fixed quick smart.

And on top of all this, your website database is protected from malware and other viruses, file system hacking and the site performance are all monitored, so your site keeps safe & secure 24/7 all year round.

Now here comes the icing on the cake...

You'll receive advanced step-by-step training, free access to the jaaxy keyword tool, additional tools + services, and 24/7 WA community support & help to turn your website into a masterpiece.


Update For 2019 & Beyond: A Cool Image Resizer Tool!


This exciting new edition of the SiteRubix Platform puts you in the driver seat to grab the new high-speed image optimizer that comes free with every website your gonna build.

The latest Google update, the Google Broad Core Algorithm has been implemented from June 2019. What this means for you is that Google is now officially, looking at your website page loading speed.

Both Mobile and Desktop site loading speeds will now be officially be frownded upon and being penolised can affect traffic and rankings.

Google has been talking about site speed for a long time but now it's official.

In most cases, images and where you host your website is the biggest culprit for low or medium website speeds. Free image resizing plugins were okay before Googles core update but now, sites have to be above the 90/100 range speed rating for Mobile and Desktop to gain the best advatanges with this NEW algorithm change.

Websites that are ranking below these figures can diefeintly loose traffic and rankings which is no darn good...

But before hitting the 'Panic' button, dont worry - SiteRubix has the problem fixed for you with this revolutionary imagery resizer plugin.

Have a gander at my website scores below for the Mobile speed score for this post on Google Page Speed Insights.


Google Page Speed Insights High Score For Website Post


Don't Get Penalised For Slow Mobile Site Speeds

Feel free to test this post (Test 3 times for best results) or test your own website Post URL on Google Page Speed Insights.

Unfortunately, this amazing image resizer plugin is only avaliable with every new website you create within SiteRubix.

The guys said they are working on a way to add this amazing plugin speed up tool for older sites too, so stay tuned.

But if a new website is in your sights, then this is the perfect way to beat your competitors and get up to 70% more traffic.


How Much Is SiteRubix Really Gonna Cost Ya?


As a starter member of WA, you get to build 2 free WordPress website. So you won't have to part with a single dime.

To become a premium member with more benefits as your business grows, it's gonna cost you...

Drum roll, please...

Wait for it...

Only $49 per month... Or $234 every 6 months... Or $359 per year!

Plus your domain name can cost as little as $13.99 per year!


Owner Of A Domain Name

For example purposes only.


For every tool thrown in the pot for success, it's pretty cost effective! Wouldn't you agree?



Pros VS Cons Of 'SR'



  • A website can be built in under 30 seconds (without any technical skills)
  • You get 2 - UNLIMITED WordPress websites for free (perfect for beginners)
  • Everything you need to start an online website
  • Premium members have access to unlimited tools (no extra fees)
  • Offers heaps of advanced features - making it the #1 website builder
  • It's a user-friendly builder that's perfect for everyone
  • WordPress is the best and most popular for building websites
  • Premium membership is cheap as chips
  • Only $19 for the first month
  • The SiteSupport team is incredible!


  • As a free member of WA, you can only build 2 sites
  • Also, as a starter member, you only have the option to use the SiteRubix  (SR) extension for your domain names (i.e.


My Final Thoughts: Is SiteRubix Worth It?...


Big Thumbs Up

In my experience with failed sites in the past, I can honestly say that 'SR' is the best website builders for beginners because you can quickly build a WordPress website in seconds.

It's not rocket science either since anyone can create a website with SiteRubix. Your WordPress theme template only takes 30 seconds to be ready - you only need to follow a couple of easy steps and you're good to go.

With so many awesome features to work with and great value to boot, I recommend grabbing your free site, follow WA's starter training and upgrading to premium membership if your serious about websites success.


If you have any questions or thoughts on using 'SR', please drop your comments below. We'd love to hear from you...


Hey everyone, my name's Jeff, just a true blue Aussie Bloke and the owner of Online Careers From Home. I hope you liked my post and got the answers you were looking for? I'm here to help YOU achieve your online ambitions just like I have😃 The products I review are sometimes good, sometimes bad, and often just flat out SCAMS but I will always give an honest opinion of them.
If you'd like to ask me anything about this post, you can do this in the comment thread below... I always get back to my readers in a timely manner.


  1. Wow, Siterubix seems so easy to use. And I guess if they use the siterubix extension, they’ll have more website domain names available to use.

    I’ve tried creating a site on WordPress and EVERYTHING is taken. Because of this, you have to put numbers on the end of your domain name, if you want to get one or use random letters and phrases without meaning. So annoying…

    If I build a WordPress website on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, can I pick my own domain name and does my new website come with hosting?

    What other features can I also expect with my website?

    Thanks, Kate.

    • Hello there, Kate and thank you for leaving your interesting questions.😃
      First off, if you build a WordPress on the free SiteRubix Platform – you can’t place your own domain name on. Say you want to name your new website, – your site URL will appear as; Very similar to the WordPress platform itself.
      But because you are using the SiteRubix Platform which is generated by Wealthy Affiliate and not WordPress itself, it would be fair to say that choosing a great domain name is a lot easier.
      Wealthy Affiliate also offers the use of a free keyword tool to help you with the task.
      The features you can expect with your new SiteRubix/WordPress website includes free high-speed hosting, SSL Certificates (HTTP’S), email service, 24/7 Site Support, and you can build up to 2 websites.
      You can test out for yourself here, Kate with the WA no credit card needed free membership. I wish you happy domain name searching, and ones that don’t include –, Lol

  2. I have looked into Site Rubix platform and it is very impressive. Your article shares with me a lot of things that I was not aware of regarding Site Rubix.

    How does Site Rubix interact with WordPress? Will I get access to all of this through Wealthy Affiliate?

    Thank you for your useful article!

    • Hey there, Alisha. Thanks for dropping me a comment!😃
      Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix Platform is a fully functional WordPress Website that includes 24/7 quick response site support. There are also hundreds of themes to choose from with the free starter websites.
      I must say that it’s a lot easier with a Wealthy Affiliate WordPress website because we have more features than the actual website owners hosting at WP.
      Extra features include an easy login dashboard to access your website, a security password that you can automatically change to stop hackers, high-speed hosting settings, and site health options.
      You can check out their free membership to test the waters yourself.
      Happy testing, Jeff.

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