How To Build A Free Website With WordPress

How To Build A Free Website With WordPress

How To Build A Free Website With WordPress In Seconds


See how to build a free website with WordPress in just a matter of seconds. No special technical skills needed with not a scrap of coding experience to create a stunning WordPress website. If you desire to have a free WordPress site up and running to start an Affiliate marketing business, for starting your own business or want to sell products to consumers - then I have the perfect solution for you...


SiteRubix Builder


The SiteRubix platform allows you to build a WordPress website in half a minute. Yep, in just 30 seconds from now, you'll be the proud owner of a fully functional WP website.

The 2 best ever platforms working together side by side, SiteRubix, and WordPress offers you the opportunity to build 2 stunning websites for free.

You don't even need to give credit card details.

So whatcha waiting for?

Get your $0 cost site below:


8 Awesome Reasons Why SiteRubix Rocks!

  1. A professional appearance for visitors
  2. Excellent platform for Bloggers
  3. Great website design for Affiliate marketing
  4. Easy to use for business purposes
  5. Easy peasy site navigation
  6. Super fast page loading speeds
  7. Web page content that's high-quality
  8. A Content Management System (CMS)

The SiteRubix platform is built to help you achieve all 8!

There are plenty of extra cool features making this website builder nothing short of AMAZING!



6 Reasons Why WordPress Is The Ultimate CMS!


No doubt that you have heard heaps of good stough about WordPress on the grapevine, and there's a very good reason for that... Because it's the BEST Content Management System (CMS) out there today - and it's no exaggeration.

In fact, your looking at a WordPress website right now! 😉

These days, anyone can build a stunning website without knowing all that complicated jargon such as HTML and it's all thanks to a CMS like WordPress

And here are 6 intelligent reasons why WordPress BLOWS other CM Systems out of the water!

  1. The whole CM System is very easy to install
  2. A couple of clicks with the mouse and your good to go
  3. No coding knowledge is required - everything is dealt with
  4. More than 40,000 plugins for improving sites functionality
  5. There are over 2600 website theme templates to pick from
  6. Heaps of Help & Support from a caring community when you need it

Need I say more on the subject, huh?

Are you ready to start building your site RIGHT NOW?




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  1. It is a wonderful description of building a free website at WA. 

    There are numerous organizations offering free website building capability. For example:

    WordPress offers website building for free along with free hosting and support.

     Beyond that,  Best Free Website Builders are (ref: from the internet)

    1. Wix. Best All-Around Website Builder. 4.5 out of 5 stars. …
    2. Weebly. Best for Small Businesses and Portfolios. …
    3. SITE123. Best Help and Support. …
    4. Strikingly. Best for basic building and blogging. …
    5. Jimdo. Small Online Store Builder. …
    6. IM Creator. Great for Portfolio Websites. …
    7. Webnode. Quick and Easy Setup.

    What advantages does WA offer for anyone to sign up? I believe a comparison with other free website makers will improve the strength of your review.

    • Thanks for dropping by and leaving your thoughts with us, Anusuya.

      This is very true. There are other free website builders and hosting facilities online that are pretty good. Where they can lack is the support and training structures which in my opinion, are vital!

      This is the area where people need the most help when building a new website.😃

      The Wealthy Affiliate free website platform + hosting comes with added extras like high-speed hosting, site support, WA members help, and thorough training on how to set your website up.

      Other features which most platforms don’t include with a free website are:

      1) Easy Login + Automatic Backups of your websites.

      2) Secure connection (HTTP’S)

      3) Over 2000 WordPress Themes to choose from.

      4) Encypted password to stop hackers.

      5) Password encrypted Email Server.

      It’s great to see some valuable free website servers on the web. It’s just a pity that you probably have to join 3 of them to make up for the extras given for free at Wealthy Affiliate.

      If your thinking of starting in Affiliate Marketing or building any sought of business website online, then Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth a look in…

      All-in-all, I think the 2 free WordPress websites offered at WA is chocked full of useful tools that would be hard pressed to find anywhere on the web.

  2. SiteRubix definitely is a great platform along with WordPress to get off the ground running. And best of all it’s a low-risk option for those who are teetering on the idea of joining. I agree that WordPress is an easy yet highly effective way to construct a high powered good looking website. The variety of plugins is truly amazing. Everyone reading here should follow your links to check it out!

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