Hello Everyone! Welcome To My About Page 😀

Hello Everybody, my name is Jeff Hogan and welcome to my website. In my spare time, I love to help out Australian Native Animals that need our help from time to time. Pictured below from left to right are 3 Kangaroos running in a field and a mom kangaroo with her joey. Pictured center is 2 beautiful Koala Bears that have lost their homes due to urbanization spread

Kangaroos Jumping In Australia
Australian Koala
Kangaroo With Joey Baby

I have created this work from home website to help folks like you to build their very own thriving Online Business. My interest include traveling when I get the urge, looking after distressed animals, and relaxing home with my family.

Why I Started A Online Business From Home


Hello there, My name is Jeff Hogan, but folks know me online as Aussie Jeff.About Jeff Profile

If you haven't guessed by my nickname, Yes I'm an Aussie. There are people here from all around the Globe that is earning a great income each and every month. I know if I can do it, I have no doubt you can achieve brilliant results too! 😃

I find the first step when starting something new is the hardest and finding a secure environment to learn online marketing is so important. Wouldn't you agree?

Once you have found a safe platform that doesn't rip the shirt of your back in fees the rest will full into place.

It's coming up to my 4 years Aniversary of starting an Affiliate Marketing business online in the hope I could give up working my Full-Time Job.

This has been a Godsent as I'm getting a little older and earning enough from affiliate marketing to take life a little easier.

With lots more spare time to spend with my family and do some traveling when we get the urge. The best thing about having money in my bank account is the fact I can help with worthwhile causes and know I'm making a difference, all being that small.

Before I become successful with I tried an MLM (Multi-Level) Marketing business without much success. I thought the support associated with the MLM business structure was shocking and the training was virtually non-existent. This led to a BIG "Ka-Plonk" on my part and $1500 lighter in my already suffering bank account.

Frustrated and feeling totally embarrassed, I picked myself up and decided to give an online Affiliate Marketing business a go.

Losing that amount of money had made me quite suspicious of what to expect with this whole online marketing gig so I decided to only look at marketing platforms that offered Free Memberships.

This was much harder than I thought because nearly all the propositions to do with online affiliate marketing did have a kinda free membership - but they all had immediate Upsells where I had to pay money to proceed further.

Getting "Flashbacks" of what happened to me with the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Saga, I bailed ship and went back to the old drawing board.

As it was, several months later when I accidentally stumbled onto a training platform after reading a review about the company so I checked their free membership out!

"Wow"! I was totally blown away!

I soon discovered I found something very special and the constant pressure to upgrade I experienced on other affiliate platforms was non-existent. I found the free training was easy to follow and was totally surprised by their genuine and honest approach with their business model.

Jeff's Profile Picture

All the cards were on the table and they were very clear on what to expect.

That was nearly 4 Years ago folks and have never regretted the first steps I took to join Wealthy Affiliate.

If We Want Something We Have To Get It!

I'm not going to say, "it will be easy". I'm not going to say, "it will be even a walk in the park". We all see rich people every day and wonder how "they did it"? It's not a lost secret how they acquired wealth - just persistence, hard work, and commitment on their part. We all know this is true but most of us don't like to admit that we have to work at something to actually succeed to change the direction our lives are taking...


What I can say for sure is - if we all put genuine effort into Goals that we want to achieve, then achieving what you want out of life is truly possible.


Success can mean different things to different people but for me, spending more time the family, having a lot more time to myself, and of course, more money in the Bank Account to pay those never-ending bills.

What sought of things would you do with your new found success?


Spending Time With Your Kids



For me, I simply did not want to work 12 hours a day with the feeling I was going backward. I was grumpy all the time and this was starting to affect my family life. I always wanted to work for myself but couldn't afford to buy a business, nor had the funds to build one up from scratch.


Starting an Online Business for myself with the free start at WA was the best choice I could have made. I'm continuously learning and the best thing of all! I'm no longer the grumpy old guy I used to be... Lol


What you can expect for free At Wealthy Affiliate:

#1) 2 WordPress Websites And High-Speed Hosting Settings
#2) Heaps Of Training Videos That Guide You - Step By Step
#3) Quick Professional Help From Experts 
#4) The Ability To Ask Any Questions Related To Online Work, 24/7
#5) Tools And Support To Make Your Home Business Really Grow


There's enough free tools and training going on with the free membership to get your new business up and running. There's nothing worse than departing with your hard earned money just to discover that affiliate marketing is not for you.

Just below are 2 ways you can start making money at Wealthy Affiliate. Both methods are fully obtainable within the free platform and only if your busy schedule only allows you a couple of spare hours a week - that's fine too.


Failing Costs Us Time & Money We Haven't Got!


Failing is not an option and in my experience, most people FAIL in their home business startups because of 2 critical factors.

1) SUPPORT: If you don't have the support you need when things go wrong; You are going to fail! 9 out of 10 people that can't get answers to their questions, give up. We all get stuck from time to time, and the support at Wealthy Affiliate is NUMBER ONE.

2) TOOLS AND TRAINING: Without the right tools and training you might as well bang your head against a brick wall - you get what I mean. Your dream of starting an online business will soon dissipate when you can't get the job done with inferior tools.

Real opportunities and fortunes can be a reality with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. If you want a better life and are willing to really give it a go, then the skies the limit. I'm not gonna lie to you but, it WILL take some effort on your part.

Making your dreams come true in 2019 is truly possible!

Taking the first step in the "right" direction is the best advice I can give you. This could be the difference in just paying out money for poor results or making your dreams a reality in the making.

I look ford to supporting you with your online business going forward.

Your friend, Aussie Jeff😃